The Tipping Point: Integrated Medicine

The Tipping Point: Integrated Medicine

If you don’t have what it takes to be the healthiest version of you, your dentist might, especially if they practice integrated medicine

It’s long been suspected by both primary care doctors and dentist that oral health held a link to the rest of the body’s wellness.  Today, science and research is bearing that out as more than antidotal. What starts in the mouth can benefit, or harm, the whole body. Integrated medicine practices incorporating the body’s whole health.

Now more than ever research demonstrates that our mental and physical health are linked to each other in more ways than we know. Poor oral health has been linked to heart disease, auto immune disease and diabetes to name just a few, while those same diseases have also been linked to chronic malaise, even depression and depression and malaise have been linked to obesity and high blood pressure.

The answers may be interrelated and, as it turns out one answer may be to keep your whole body healthy by starting with your mouth.

Emerging science tells us that many things influence our whole body health. More recently science has confirmed that even the health of our teeth and gums affect our overall health. Heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and many other disorders can all be affected by the health and wellness of teeth and gums. For decades practitioners believed a link exists between the two and now research bears this out.

The road to getting and staying healthy is often a lifelong commitment continually making and setting goals, re-evaluating ability and circumstance, then course correcting as needed. In the span of a lifetime the work is ongoing. As we build healthy habits and healthy bodies, and as we remember to be vigilant in the ways we preserve our healthy teeth and maintain optimal health be mindful of the many ways to optimize our best level of whole health.

Integrative Medicine and Whole Body Wellness.

Integrated Medicine is not a new practice but more of a merging of traditional Western Medicine and more nontraditional methods of medicine such as acupuncture.

Here at Marilyn K. Jones we strive to stay informed, we will work with you and your health care professionals to create a tailored health care program for you and your specific needs.


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