Whole Body Wellness

Whole Body Wellness

Keeping your whole body healthy starts in the mouth.

The road to getting and staying healthy is often a lifelong commitment to making and setting goals, re-evaluating ability and circumstance, then course correcting as needed. In the span of a lifetime this pattern can become a cycle repeated often.

As our understanding of the human body and whole wellness expands and science expands to include things previously not validated outside of traditional western medicine. New emerging information tells us that many things are responsible for influencing our whole health. For decades practitioners believed there to be a link between many traditional medical practices and other less conventional practices and now many of those perceptions are finding validation through extensive research.

In recent years science has confirmed that even the health of our teeth and gums affect our overall health. Heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and many other disorders can all be affected by the health and wellness of teeth and gums.

As we build healthy habits and healthy bodies, and as we remember to be vigilant in the ways to preserve our healthy teeth and maintain optimal health be mindful of the many other ways we can integrate to optimize our best level of whole health.

Integrative Medicine and Whole Body Wellness.

Integrative Medicine is not a new practice but more of a merging of traditional Western Medicine and more nontraditional methods of medicine such as acupuncture. In a recent article from Kurir Magazine the effectiveness and principles are outlined and explained. Dr. Momir Dunjic a gynecologist in Belgrade contributed to and provided the information discussed in the article. He is the president of the European Integrative Medicine Congress and Assoc. Prof. of Gynecology & Obstetrics at the School of Medicine Pristina, Serbia.

“…- We forgot that if some lifestyle and environment caused the disease, then we have to teach that patient that they must change those circumstances, because they will not be saved from their disease by returning to the same environment and the same way of life as before.”

For more information and for the full article click here.

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