Clean Teeth: Happy Heart

Clean Teeth: Happy Heart …

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Whole Body Health is influenced by good oral health.

And that’s just the start. Procrastination with your dental care leads to the inevitable; heart disease, liver disease and impaired immune function, and of course, tooth loss. While loosing teeth might be the expected outcome of skipping dental cleanings and regular check-ups the rest of that statement may seem somewhat unexpected even dramatic. However microbial research indicates just that, showing that your overall health is definitely linked to your oral health. Has it been more than six months since your last dental checkup and teeth cleaning? You might be putting yourself at an elevated risk for other, unnecessary, physical ailments.

Science Proves What Has Long Been Suspected

Doctors and dentists alike have long suspected that not only does a mouth full of decay and germs perpetuate further infection, spreading to nearby tissues, but also that those same microbes and bacteria infiltrate the entire body and spread through the bloodstream. Now key research is showing that, in fact even preventative hygiene can introduce bacteria and toxins from bacterial colonies into the blood.

Since the 1900’s research has been studying the potential for systemic infection originating from the mouth. As science has advanced and studies and techniques have become more precise the presumption has gone from being a logical potential to an explicit fact,  the mouth can indeed, be a source of dissemination or distribution of pathogenic organisms to the rest of the body, including vital organs like the heart, lungs, and brain, even the vascular system can suffer specific disease processes that may originate from infection in the oral cavity.

…At Even Higher Risk…

A patient suffering from chronic or severe periodontal disease and who is compromised already–has a malignancy (cancer), diabetes, or an immunosuppressive disease or treatment–will be at an even higher risks for suffering disease processes stemming from the spread of toxins and bacteria that originated in the oral cavity due to an existing periodontal disease or infection.

Why The Overall Impact Becomes So Significant

Dental Plaque

Plaque deposits can harber billions of microorganisms and bacteria even in very small areas.

Every other living tissue inside and outside of the body is constantly growing new cells, and shedding old ones, even bones grow and change density through-out a lifetime. Our Skin, hair and nails, are in a constant state of repair but teeth are made to last a lifetime and do not regenerate from wear or damage. As a result we expect teeth to be more susceptible to wear and tear and ageing, but the often overlooked consequence that bacterial colonies have a permanent surface that they can colonize and cling to indefinitely unless proactive measures are implemented tends to get missed. This means, in short, that in addition to brushing and flossing, regular, routine bi-annual cleanings and annual check-ups should not be skipped over, de-prioritized or neglected. Routine cleanings prevent tartar and calculus build-ups (plaque can generate more than 100,000,000,000 microorganisms per mg!) that are largely responsible for periodontal disease and for the systemic transmission, the spreading of, and cause of oral bactermia throughout the body.

Have more than six months past since your last teeth cleaning? Has it been longer than a year since you had a check-up? You might be putting yourself at an elevated risk for something worse than just a cavity. Call today, better late than never!

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