Fluoride and the Risks Associated with Overexposure

Alzheimer’s and Other Risks Posed From Fluoride Exposure

With an aging population, advancements in medicine, and increased life expectancies, an estimated 450,000 new cases of alzheimer’s are expected to be diagnosed in the United States by the end of 2014. In a recent study published by The Alzheimer’s Association every 67 seconds someone in the United States develops alzheimer’s. Its scary and interesting to note that by 2050 the incidence is expected to increase from one new patient every 67 seconds to one new patient each 33 seconds. While research and studies cannot conclusively determine all the likely culprits that are potential causes for the onset of alzheimer’s there are strong indicators of several things that contribute to the disease onset.  We know, for example, that several environmental factors can contribute to the development of alzheimer’s in various lab and clinical studies. (By now you may be wondering how any of this can be related to dentistry. This is a biological dentistry article after all.) The fact is that there are a number of environmental contributors that are linked to alzheimer’s and are, in fact, closely related to traditional dentistry, namely mercury, fluoride and even aluminum exposure.

Fluoride Exposure Isn’t Just About Toothpaste

Dental Hygiene

Early in the 1930’s researchers began to notice that communities with naturally occurring fluoride in their water supplies had up to a third less cavity incidence. By the 1940’s communities without naturally occurring fluoridated water began introducing fluoride to their municipal water supply in an effort to reduce cavities and improve overall health. For the next 8 decades hundreds of thousands of towns and cities across the United States would introduce fluoridated water without so much as a second thought. Eighty years ago virtually nothing had fluoride added to it and so the introduction of fluoride to water systems in general seemed innocuous, if not helpful. Today however virtually everything can be laced with fluoride, anything made commercially (all sodas and processed beverages, even preserved food commercially canned in or with water)  carries the potential to be made with water already fluoridated, additionally toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels and rinses all have added fluoride on top of the fluoride found in municipal water supplies and commercially prepared foods. Another thing largely not available eighty years ago? Studies on the effects of long term exposure to fluoride.

Fluoride Linked to a Number of Diseases

Today there are fists full of documented, scientific studies that link excessive fluoride exposure to everything from breast and bone cancer, autoimmune diseases and bone deformities, even joint pain, abdominal pain, digestive disorders, neurologic birth defects, behaviour problems, tooth malformities and alzheimer’s. That’s not all. The effects that fluoride can have on an individual is clinically compounded when the fluoride exposure is combined with exposure to aluminum.  Like a synergistic catapult, aluminum seems to make the body even more susceptible to the toxic effects of fluoride. Its hard to not be exposed to soluble aluminum these days. So much of our lives comes out of a can or a tube, usually made from aluminum or an alloy containing aluminum, thereby virtually ensuring that our bodies are acting as a chemistry experiment with two toxic chemicals, with the most vulnerable being the very young and the very old.

Minimizing Your Risk From Fluoride and the Risk to Your Family.

The risks from fluoride exposure can be mitigated by using distilled water, eliminating toothpaste and mouthwash with fluoride, checking prepared products to ensure they are made with distilled water and avoiding plants that are naturally high in fluoride.

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