Your Strongest Smile (Part 2)

In Part 2 of Your Strongest Smile we will be talking about supplements or nutrients that have the largest impact on your pearly whites, a quick refresher on some foods that seem healthy but actually hurt your teeth, and a few other interestingly easy things you need to start doing (if you’re not already) to prevent periodontal disease and decay giving you your best smile and strongest teeth.

6.)  Chew Gum

Chewing gum (sugarless of course) is a great way to keep saliva flowing and ample saliva helps prevent periodontal disease (gum disease). The benefits of chewing gum are particularly measurable in the initial thirty minutes immediately after a meal. When you chew gum it increases the salivary flow and helps to wash away debris and bacteria that may be stuck to teeth.

7.) Eat Fewer Processed Foods, Especially Starchy Carbs

We all know the dangers associated with sugar filled snacks and juices and the havoc sugar wreaks on teeth. Surprisingly, crackers, chips, cereal and other starchy snack foods can be just as detrimental as sugary snacks. The reason being that the starches readily convert to usable sugars when consumed by the bacteria colonies in your mouth.  Brushing after starchy snacks, even chewing gum can reduce the particles left behind and help keep acids excreted by bacteria to a minimum, preventing periodontal disease and decay.

8.)  Get Your Teeth Cleaned by a Professional

It’s not enough to just brush and floss if you want to protect your teeth from the threat of decay and periodontal disease. For optimal conditions you need to have your teeth cleaned–in the chair–the dentist chair, where your dentist and their hygienist can inspect each tooth and surrounding gum tissue for potential problems.  While in the chair your teeth will be scaled (scraping off all tartar, stains, and plaque) with special tools designed especially for each tooth.  Your tooth will even get scaled below the gum line where plaque and tartar may be accumulating out of sight, initiating periodontal disease. After your teeth have been scaled they will then be polished. Polishing the teeth at the end of the cleaning is the step that gives you that smooth silky feeling on your teeth. Did you know when your teeth get polished it removes all microscopic abrasions and scratches, the places where bacteria might be able to get a foothold, leaving your teeth smooth and strong.

9.) Get Enough Sleep

Second only to smoking, studies show sleep is the next biggest factor in worsening periodontal disease.  Our schedules are busier now than ever before and there’s often more demands for our time than we can accommodate. Lack of sleep has been shown to affect how rapidly we age, how readily our immune system responds and even our response times while driving or reacting to physical demands. Now there are scientific studies that also concluded that periodontal disease gets measurably worse in patients who routinely get six or less hours of sleep per night. In the same studies, those patients who increased their nightly sleep up to seven or more hours saw a dramatic decrease in the spread of periodontal disease.

10.) CoQ10–Proper Vitamins and Nutrition

Naturally, the first line of defense against all forms of gum disease is proper dental hygiene which includes brushing twice daily, flossing once a day and routine professional cleanings. Proper nutrition is also vital to oral health. Supplements and nutrients that are known to work to boost the immune system, help build collagen in the periodontal ligaments, and decrease inflammation can help stop gum disease before it gets started – and help to heal gum disease. One of the most researched and highly recommended supplements for fighting gum disease is CoQ-10.

In Recent studies CoQ-10 was given in a blind study in which candidates with significant gum disease (periodontal disease) were chosen after aggressive brushing and flossing had no measurable impact. Those patients recieving the CoQ-10 had measurable and sustained improvement from their periodontal disease, in many of the patient’s gum disease completely resolved after only 8 weeks of therapy.

There are a number of choices when choosing the CoQ-10 that is right for you. Learn about your options and choose wisely.

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